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Text: (702) 551-4554

Watch my Youtube feed to see all my latest videos I want to share with friends, family, and the world.  The Feed brings you all of the viral videos and stories that you know you WANT to see and share!  

Reach out to collab!  Do a viral video, #dancechallenge, #tiktoc and more!  


My channel keywords change per each video based on SEO settings.  Channel specific are targeted towards the dance, creator, music categories.


I post content regualarly to keep my audience growing and engaged.  Attributes can be added to increase video description such as location, channel analytics and tags. 

Lily does a variety of video work such as music videos, concept videos, viral dance challenge, choreography, and other special event performances.  View the video collections page to learn more!

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Dance Challenges: https://yt.vu/p/PL5j7v6iu8vjSZCiNXFlsFQOQgC0eB7Itn

Latest Uploads: https://yt.vu/p/PL5j7v6iu8vjSmlWGM6a9CbDDNITOqbJQy

Popular Videos: https://yt.vu/p/PL5j7v6iu8vjSCOPdwKWTHWKnft7VHOMst


"BOASTY" - Wiley, Stefflon, Sean Paul : https://yt.vu/YfWoITuXFeQ

"SALLY WALKER" - Iggy Azalea: https://yt.vu/7fBNJ48p7pg

"MONEY BAG" - Cardi B: https://yt.vu/oFvUJ3sJgRo

"MY STRANGE ADDICTION" -Billie Eilish: https://yt.vu/-Nh0Ht6T5W8

"THE HEALER" - TSVI: https://yt.vu/_e4lch3xT94

"LETTING PEOPLE GO" - Carnage: https://yt.vu/tx1QnWccQ3o