Collection items with film, video and other content.  Watch video for music content, conceptual, viral videos, dance challenges, promotional videos, and event / performance video.

Find Social Video Marketing Professional Dancers - book Lily Kate Goehring or the Prodigy Dance Crew for Viral Videos or a custom dance challenge.  Share your video across multiple channels and platforms.

We create content for:

  • Marketing Videos - Product, Event, Convention, Festival, Music 

  • Viral Marketing - Tik Tok, Instagram, Viral Dance Video, Viral Dance Challenge, Custom Choreography

  • Cinematography - Film, Documentaries, Docu-series.

  • Music Videos - Concept, product, event or artist request.

  • Photo Slideshows Creator - Create a video thru photographs.

  • Motivational Videos 

  • Tutorial Videos - learn now to dance or do a specific dance step, tik tok tutorial, dance challenge tutorial and more.

  • Video advertisements - Viral-style videos for product and social media ads.

Contact to learn more about help to develop your video concept, from start to finish, voice talent like voiceover or vocal, video production and post production options.

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