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SN9|Ep478 - NBC's Dancing With Myself - Dancers Lily Kate + Nick Gray!

The Jeremiah Show

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From the Jeremiah Show Site:

My Very Special Guests today are killing it on the NEW hit show on NBC "Dancing With Myself" Lily Kate and Nick Gray!

Taking the social media dance craze to a new level, NBC has joined forces with international superstar Shakira on the exciting dance-challenge series "Dancing With Myself."

With more than 300 million followers, 80 million records sold worldwide and multiple Grammy Awards, music and dance icon Shakira broke the internet in 2021 with her own viral dance, "Girl Like Me."

Motivated by her passion and love for dance and the proliferation of dance challenges that have taken the world by storm,

"Dancing With Myself," from Irwin Entertainment, is the ultimate family-friendly, high-spirited competition that brings out the performer in all of us.

Every week, a new group of fun-loving dancers from all walks of life and of all ages compete in a series of high-energy dance challenges that are designed and demonstrated by the show's celebrity creators Shakira, Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy and host Camille Kostek.

So…Isolated in their own pods, contestants have a short time to learn the new routines, add their unique flair and then perform their hearts out in front of a live audience.

About Lily Kate:

Lily grew up in North Dakota until she moved to Las Vegas to pursue her love of dance. For as long as Lily can remember she loved to move and dance. She has a unilateral hearing loss; Lily was born deaf in her left ear, but she always felt a connection to the music being played while dancing.

Her mother Laura is a dance teacher and helped Lily pursue her passion since she was a toddler. When they moved to Las Vegas 4 years ago where she joined the Prodigy Dance Crew to continue her growth as a dancer. Being in Vegas and in close proximity to LA has provided Lily so many wonderful opportunities like performing in a music video for Blink-182, appearing in the web series “Chicken Girls” by Brat tv, and being part of the full-tilt dance crew for the Las Vegas Aces.

Having recently participated in the new competition show

"Dancing With Myself" she won the episode as Ultimate Pod Star which was so exciting!

About Nick Gray:

Nick's I from Miami, Florida and his entire family is from Kingston Jamaica 🇯🇲 Nick has been dancing for as long as he can remember. He started off dancing by teaching himself from watching music videos and watching his older sisters dances.

When he graduate from high school, he decided to audition from a job at Walt Disney and landed the role as a equity dancer in Orlando Florida.

Nick did all of the top shows on property like Festival of the Lion King, Kids of the Kingdom, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage to name a few.

He started working at the Parliament House in Orlando as a Male Footlight Player dancing behind the drag queens in nightly cabaret shows and bartend at the club. Nick then went on to win MR. Continental 2011 on his first try in the competition.

He did a solo dance lyrical routine for his talent which impressed the audience. He kept dancing even through illness when Nick was diagnosed diabetic in 2020 at the start of the pandemic.

That is what got him back to the gym to work on his health.

He was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to be apart of the fist season of “Dancing With Myself”!

Nick feels that he has been blessed in his life and looking at brand new horizons. Nick loves his current job as a senior sales manager at the Venetian in Las Vegas!

Nick's first love, will always be dance 🕺🏿!

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