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Challenge of Finding Clean Hip Hop Music for Dance Class

By: Lily Kate #lilykate

If you have ever had to teach hip hop to kids, you know the struggle of finding clean and age-appropriate music that is trendy and fun. Keeping my dance class free of explicit language and impropriate content is an ongoing challenge every week.

Studio hip hop classes are growing with the popularity of dance shows, Tik Tok and Youtube series exploding in popularity. Even on Tik Tok, clean songs are limited to find.

Mainstream hip hop music is trendy with good beats, but not always kid-friendly. I try to get creative and turn to playlists to make class run smoothly.

I wanted to create this kid friendly playlist to share. Listen wherever you go so you can play safely!

You can also using video editing apps to mute sections of a song such as video leap app.

Lily Kate is an American actress and dancer who gained recognition for her appearance in NBC’s Dancing With Myself.

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