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I am super excited to tell you all my news - I am a new Amazon Influencer as part of the new Amazon Influencer program! This new program was designed for influencers with social followings to set up their own Amazon URL. You can visit my URL, to see a showcase of my favorite products. Check out my idea lists, shopping gift guides and product recommendations.

What's On My Page?

Ideas Lists:

  1. The Best Gifts for Teens

  2. Top 10 Gift Cards for Teens

  3. Ballet Class Essentials

Top Gift for Christmas 2020:

Apple AirPods with

Charging Case (Wired)

Prime Music

Song for every mood. #FoundItOnAmazon


Can Anyone Be An Amazon Influencer?

You must apply or be invited by Amazon to become an Amazon Influencer. Amazon determines if you qualify based on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube account engagement, followers as well as the content you post. Once approved, you get your very own page on Amazon with a URL to showcase your recommended products.

Please follow me on Amazon or any of my social media profiles.

My Amazon Link:

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