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The Instagram feed is a place where you can share and connect with the people and things you care about like friends and family.  The photos and videos you care about most will appear towards the top of your feed. In addition to seeing content from people and hashtags you follow, make sure to follow and turn on notifcations!  Save my posts to your albums, re-story and let me know your favorites!  

Instagram is on the rise, and more brands are looking to establish an Instagram presence in order to better tap into their audience.  If you want to collab with me let me know!  A few things I do to represent as a brand influencer:

  • Create high quality images to post and for the brand to use on their own pages.  

  • Create video content using the brand's items, music, or name.

  • Share the brand's story through a post or Instagram Story shared across all my pages.

  • Social media page take over to engage with the brands audience.

  • Review a location, new product or video.

  • Viral dance video or dance challenge - create choreography with my own music or specific artist music shared across social networks.

  • Write a blog post or share my own story relating to the brand.

  • If interested contact

Connect with me and follow my Instagram feed @lily.goehring #lilygoehring #lilyk8

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